Offering more than just marketable skills; We are renewing mindsets, building community, and finding purpose.

Raychel R.

"New Life believes in me so much that now I believe in myself. I never would have thought I could become a New Life Work Therapy Assistant. Now I want to pass on that gift and help others believe in themselves."


How are we doing it?

Accountability -  Community - Professionalism -  Skills - Purpose

When these 5 key components are manifested in a person's mindset, their life can be transformed and the cycle of poverty can be broken. 

Through collaboration with City Rescue Mission and their work therapy program, New Life is facilitating a real life work simulation in 9 different job training categories. This enables people to enter back into the work force and develop fruitful lives. Through this program, the 5 components are taught and exemplified as people undergo job training, break old habits, and jump start their new beginning. 

Job Training Opportunities 


Donation Resource Center

Food Warehouse




Lawn Care